Registration Website:
Registration to COOP 2014 is now closed.
If you registered online before May 22, the system let you complete a pre-registration. All the information will be checked, and then the local organisers will contact you so to complete the registration and proceed to make the payment. Please be aware that this could take up to 2 days.

Registration fees for COOP 2014 are:
– 1 Workshop (on 27/05) + Conference (28-29-30/05): €350 (Student rate: €300)
– 1 Workshop (on 27/05) + 2 days Conference (28-29/05): €300 (Student rate: €250)
– 1 Workshop (27/05) + 1 day Conference (28/05): 250 €  (Student rate: €200) (social dinner not included)
– Conference only (28-29-30/05): €300 (Student rate: €250)
– Conference only 2 days (28-29/05 or 29-30/05): €250 (Student Rate: €200)
– Social dinner supplement for accompanying person: €50

Please note that there are no early vs. late registration fees

The fees include: the conference kit, one copy of the book of proceedings, coffee breaks and lunch on each day, and the social dinner. Please note that the registration option “1 Workshop + 1 day Conference” does not include the social dinner.

Payments can be made by:
– Credit Card
– Cheques (in Euros only)
– Order form/Money Transfer

For payments by cheque, after filling the registration form online, you will have to send your cheque or your order form as soon as possible to the following address:
Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société Sud-Est (MSHS Sud-Est)
Université de Nice – Sophia Antipolis – Pôle Universitaire Saint-Jean d’Angély 3
<<COOP 2014>>
24 avenue des diables bleus
06357 Nice CEDEX 4

Please do not forget to add a note or a copy of the bill with your name and the amount to be paid.

To register for COOP 2014, please visit, select “Registration” and then “COOP 2014”.


23 thoughts on “Registration

    1. The local organisers tell me that, after pre-registration, all the information will have to be validated and then they will contact the participant so to confirm the registration and pay. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  1. Hi, I am a student and I will present a paper. “Speaker” or “Student” , which one should I choose in registration. And what is the difference between 2 day and 3 day conference? What is the program on the 3rd day of the conference?

    1. Hi, you should choose “speaker” in the first drop-down menu (You Are : …) but for the fees (Tarification)
      you should choose “student”. The program for the conference will be published on April 2nd (next week).

  2. hello,

    My university is a Brazilian institution and they will pay my registration. Here, the university always pays international conferences by money transfer.
    However, the system offer to me only the option to pay by credit card (image attached). But, I need a document generate by system with final value of my registration and BIC code, IBAN, bank.

    The university won’t pay my registration with credit card option.
    Could be possible the payment by international money transfer of Brazilian bank account ?

  3. Hello,

    Ive done the pre-registration a few days ago and still havent heard back. How long does it usually take to be approved?


    1. Dear Kostantinos, all the pre-registrations are checked manually so it can take a couple of days for the local organiser to do this. Please be patient, and if you don’t hear back in two days, do let us know. Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    We are planning to attend this event with 4 person as customs and trade ministry cooperatives general diractorate of turkish government.

    On the registration page it says you can only accept orders and cheques from french public organisations. Unfortunately this prevents our payment. We don’t have a custom credit card belong to our Corporation.

    So is there any option like a bank account that we can transfer the Money to or another option that we can this transfer to happen?

    1. Hello,
      we are now able to receive international money transfers into a bank account as well. You can go through the registration system and specify this as preferred method of payment. The organisers will then send you all the information on making the transfer.

    2. Dear Fatih, just to let you know that we have certificates of attendance ready for you and your colleagues. Please collect them from me or from the registration desk. If you are not able to collect them in person, we will post them out to you after the conference.

  5. Hello,
    I preregistered on Thursday 8 May, but I haven’t been validated yet. As the final deadline for registration (15 May) is closing in. What can be done?

    1. Dear Gunnar,
      I will contact the local organisers to confirm that your pre-registration has been received. I am sure you will hear from them soon – and don’t worry, as long as the pre-registration is done you will be okay. Apologies for the delay: the validations are all done manually and it takes a bit of time.

  6. Dear Organizers,
    I would to register for the conference but it seems that online registration system does not allow to do it any longer. Could you tell how I should proceed? I am schedule to give a talk on one of the pre-conference workshop on May 27th. Any information will be very much appreciated.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  7. Dear organisers,
    I was a bit late with registering 2 days ago but at that time it said on the website that the deadline was May 22nd (as far as I remember). Now I read in the comments that it was actually May 15th and now I do not find any information? I have done the pre-registration but not heard from you and I am wondering if I am too late?
    Best regards

  8. Dear organizers,
    I have done the preregistration but I could not manage to to the second step (payment) since the registration site seems no longer open. Is there any possible solution?

  9. hi luci,
    we are the attenders from turkey. unfortunately we have lost our certificates and also ur e mail. can you send us a copy of them via e-mail and save our life. i hope you ll read this

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